Colors of Sunsets, Rainbows & Everything Else

I understand the science of color. I am a doctor and have studies science exhaustively. As scientific as the explanations are for color, as detailed as they can get with refraction and reflection and rays and beams and frequency and water and air and every other variable you can name, no scientist can explain away why we have color. Why is a rainbow there. Why the rich depth of colors. Why sunsets are so diverse. No explanation says why. It says how it works when it is there. Ask them. Dig deeper. You will see, there is no reason for the beauty of it, the diversity of it, they why for its presence. But I know the secret. Are you ready? God chose it and told it to happen. Why would He do this? Because He promised the rainbow as a sign or His promise. And He is a lover and Creator of beauty and diversity and love and light. He paints with the colors in His thoughts. He wanted us to enjoy His creation and He wanted to enjoy it also. Color is beautiful. It is rich and a blessing. And it is God’s calling card. They can’t explain why if they don’t acknowledge it was His handiwork. But I know and praise Him for it. 

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