Disappearing from the World

I am unlinked, off the grid, off tech except for this blog here. How did I accomplish all that? I deleted all my accounts other than this blog. I am off facebook, twitter, linkedin, Google plus, etc. Why? I was intensely into anti-social/socialist media, addicted even, but realized how much distraction that was and how much of my time it took up and that it glorified me, like standing on stage and telling everyone what was going on in my life, as if that has eternal importance. I realized it was keeping me from obeying God and lifting Him up. I am just a little girl and He is the God of everything who lovingly made us all. My role is to lift Him up. The less I am connected, the fewer the distractions and self-glorification and the more time to serve and love people and God and lift Him up. Everyone has a different cross to bear, or something to give up in my case, and I certainly do not want to be caught doing something I should not be doing. I want Jesus to catch me doing something good for Him. If He is coming unexpectedly anytime or years from now, I want to always be ready. It is a strong motivation. Eternity is a very long time and I love Jesus so much I really want to be with Him, serving Him for it. I think/hope we all want that. The way is light, just humbly let go and pray for God’s help and guidance and obey as you are led. We are all different and have different purposes and tasks for obedience and service for God. I am just doing my part. We all have a part to do. Praise God! May we always be in prayer about what ours is! ❤


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