Fully Free

I have visited a beautiful city, one which houses many people with a lot of money, a lot of beauty, a lot of everything. In this city was an excessive amount of homeless people, “urban outdoorsmen”. And I cannot help but wonder which is fully free. One can be arrested for not holding a viable address, one is in prison of having to make the same amount of money or more to maintain his address. One can roam the world, live off their skills, maybe fostering an addiction. One is stuck, living off their degree and grace of an employer, maybe fostering an addiction. I believe I am fully free and it has nothing to do with address. I have lived homeless (did I hear a gasp?) And I have lived in affluence. I prefer neither but I am fully free because of my address in eternity, not now. My address is heaven, on the corner of gold and pristine colorful gardens. My address frees me from anything but worshiping and serving God and service is a privilege and not a duty because of God’s amazing love for me. That is fully free. 


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