The tile backsplash is now up and cleaned /scrubbed. Touch up paint is applied. Next up tomorrow after church is the sink and plumbing going in (so nice to have a husband who can do plumbing and electric!). On the second project, after going swimming with them, my kids talked my ear off as I cut out about half of the fabric for my quilt. Cardboard templates rock, by the way, made it so much faster. This is going to be quite a project! So both projects are going beautifully. And it is slow and steady, do g what I can when I can. That is my new how I do life thing. I do everything I can just as soon as I can, prioritizing as I go. It works during busy seasons, which this is feeling like. Also, I expanded and planted my mom’s flower bed on the side of her house and that looks nice. She loves flowers but just can’t do it anymore. And that leaves me to close my little story with so much thanks to God for giving me strength and energy and the physical ability to do work. And I saw a great friend and caught up a bit and that was a wonderful boost. I am so thankful… and bonus down a few pounds. Little blessings! 🙂


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