Far from the Facts

A lot of people lately, I feel, seem pretty happy and content to live in a fantasy world rather than face the facts/truth of what evil and agenda – driven lies are being played out n in our ridiculous excuse for mainstream news media and do something about it (i.e. quit watching, call them out on it, complain, demand truth in reporting if legitimate journalists remain there, etc. Most people just shrill their shoulders and get back to anti-social media or games or addictions and call it good. Evil is not now nor ever will be acceptable or good. In fact, it is ever-increasing short lived, as soon Jesus will come back to judge good and evil and destroy the evil. Good will be eternally rewarded with goodness forever in heaven and evil will be tormented forever in hell. This is a not a theory for it is in the Bible, truth from God. It is time to pick sides and commit. Could be soon or very soon or years from now but better to be ready now. Facts are facts. We need to get back to our Christian roots and pray and fast for ourselves, our families, our nation, Israel, the world. We need God’s help and we need to clean house and ready the way for Him to come. I want to be ready when He comes. God is forever good and love and holy. I unashamedly choose Him.


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