Friends on my Mind

My mind has been on friends lost and friends staying, friends good and friends challenging, all friends I love. Friendship is invaluable to me because I firmly believe friends really are family that you choose and adopt. And as times are tight sometimes, good friends or even one will allow you to feel like you are not alone in the battle. We have to go through battles but we don’t have to go through them alone. It is amazing to know someone is praying for and/or with you. Someday in heaven we will be able to have a hug from the Savior directly and until then He gives us friends. Hugging is so important. So prayer, hugs and communication are the most important moments in friendships and these require time and attention. So friendship is an investment in another person. They incest n in you and you invest in them. No amount of self-service is more important than that. I love my friends and appreciate them so very much! 🙂


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