This Prayer Thing

With an exception of a few really bad years and some really bad decisions, I have been a strong Christian all my life. Faith is my main gift and prayer with faith is as comfortable and ingrained in me as walking or playing the piano. I just do it. I trust God and believe literally every word of His Bible, so of it says to “Ask and you will receive”, I believe it. However, these pastors who preach to keep on asking and asking and not do anything else or study to grow in their faith, are missing the mark and leading astray. And Wrestling with their deception and God’s truth, I of course threw theirs out and looked again after reading the entire Bible again straight through for the seventh or eighth time. And this is what the Holy Spirit revealed to me. God is enormous, greatest force in the universe, bottled up (self-controlled) power, right? And wonder of wonders, and I am so thankful for this, He is loving and holy and generous and chose to make us and adopt as many as allow Him as His kids. Wow! Who wouldn’t want that? So here is the thing. Prayer is (and I am extremely visual so this is what I picture in my mind) spiritually travelling through space with time ceasing to stand humbly right in front of our enormous Heavenly Father who loves us and has again immense power and just chat with Him. See, He is Spirit so is everywhere at once but because He has the holiness thing, He cannot be where sin is. So, we have an Intercessor/Savior in Jesus and when we confess our sins and forgive, we are made right again and can talk right to Him. So, because He is so generous, He loves helping us with whatever we need. Now, the tricky part, He can do or give us.anything at all, no problem, EXCEPT there is this tricky little thing called moral character development. We are not on earth to take up space. We are on earth to develop our character and obey and love and worship God and serve Him and other people. So if our motivation behind our prayers screams spoiled brat, I am thinking if I were your parent trying to grow you up, I would maybe not give every little thing you want on a whim. Right? Would that show love? However, He is God and perfect and I am not. And if in our motivation for asking for something God finds childlike faith and no doubting and a good purpose that is in line with His plans and kingdom growth to help people be saved and helped, He loves and delights in answering those prayers the way we pray. God will be lifted up and not the person, any person. God is everything and He is rightfully expecting obedience in our motivations and lives and hearts. He can do anything He cares to do a and often drops down diamonds to us because He wants to, but the faith and motivation and humility must be properly aligned to expect God to answer your prayer for things. God owns the cattle on a thousand hills but remember your place and think twice about the Haughton essential of demanding some of those cattle from Him. See? Yes ask, God does love answering and blessing, just be very sure that you are in line and humble and motivated purely and God receives all glory and honor. He is generous but that is not all He is. Holy is a small word but studying it’s impact on the nature of God is staggering. I fear God’s holiness and not His love. It is the balance that is perfection and God is perfect. Remember that and you will be blessed with a continuous prayer life of worship that warms the soul and prevails with peace and joy. ❤

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