The Weeping Wind

I am not sure if anyone else has felt it. I am weird about reading nature. I generally worship best in it, I appreciate it, I am keenly aware in it, I feel its vibe and harmonics. Maybe it is growing up on a farm or my Indian heritage or just how God wired me. But I have been feeling a weeping in the wind, a somber spirit of the ground and there is an aloofness to the reception of toes in the dirt. Maybe I am reading too much into it based on the perception of news confusion and an obvious truth hardship and selfish pride befalling seemingly all journalists and governmental agents and even common Joe walking down the street. There is a heavy in nature I feel. It still plays in the less touched places but around town here and every town lately is a hush, a seriousness in the wind and the ground, a tumult, a quiet readiness. And again, I am an overly sensitive musician so perhaps it is just my weirdness but I feel it. It feels weird and mysterious and like a build up. What I do know is that I am getting my spirit and soul lined up for God, my prayer walk deepened, my humility reaffirmed, my heart forgiving and pure and I encourage you to do so also. It is never a wrong thing to do. I sure love nature and what God created and we share fingerprints of our Almighty God and I so want me and my family to be ready for Jesus’ return. What a day that will be!! Please be ready. ❤


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