Holding on To Our Stuff

When we cling to things we think are good for us, things or people we want that we think make us happy, that are not necessarily good or bad, we may very well be either thinking more of ourselves than we ought or elevating our pleasure and worth or the thing or person we cling to’s pleasure or worth above God. And God knows best. God knows what is truly best for us, what will always be best for us and He knows full well His size and magnitude and worth. God knows He deserves our praise and worship and time and service and arms. He knows He is the only One who truly does. And He knows that when we esteem God in our lives as much as we can and focus on Him, we have lasting fulfillment and peace and joy and every good thing and will continue to have these things into eternity with Him. What else can really come close to matter in so much as our Creator? Who deserves more of us than He deserves? And who could possibly love us more? No one. God is the truth, the light, the love, the good, the just, the holy, the perfect, the power, the victor. Only God can give us what our soul drinks deeply enough to satisfy forever. Only God provides the permanent nutrition our soul needs deepest down. That is it. God is everything. Every other thing or person matters less than He does. Nothing would exist apart from Him wanting us here. God wanted us. The most powerful being we have ever even thought of or imagined loves us and designed us and wanted us to be here, to be His children, to love us and be with us.

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