Beautiful Motherhood

Here are the earrings my son bought me with his own money for Mother’s Day. My daughter drew me a picture that I could not get to focus because it was made from several artistic supplies and many things the reflected light weird, but it was beautiful. And my husband bought me two dozen chocolate covered strawberries from Edible Areangements. Now, let me tell you I do not think being a mom is worth celebrating, it is an honor I wear with pride every day since my first day of my first pregnancy. I cherish my role in life as my kids’ mom. I am a mom to many but only a couple came out of me violently. Lol One is in heaven waiting for me. But this day of gifts and honor warms my heart because this day I am shown appreciation for who I am and what I do and I feel very loved. It is nice to be loved. I am loved. Thank you, God, for my family. We made it through rough and smooth and I love our family. 


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