Pantry Pleasures

So, in the ever-advanving pantry creation, we are at backslash time. When that has set, all that is left is the sink insertion and plumbing. So close to finished. And we have such a blessing by having it. This house was built without regard for storage or even simple pantry needs so we will have a place to store food, actually get two things when it is buy 1, get 1 free. And all this made me think. Good things come to those who wait. We planned, we thought, we saved up, we are here and now have the reward. Blessings are sometimes handed to you by God. Sometimes blessings are long and hard coming after a lot of work but still from God. So immediate or long-sufferred blessings are still from God and are all blessings. And sometimes the blessings that take the longest to materialize are the sweetest. And who wouldn’t like that. So beautiful! ❤

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