New Experiences and Power Tools

  1. Ok, so one tool. Today, my hubby bought me a luxury to help make my work a little easier. He bought me a power sander! And it had a bag to catch the dust so I am not inhaling that and it is velcro to put a new sandpaper disc on!! So the pantry cabinets were sanded so much faster and with so much less effort than if I were sanding by hand. And I got a new power toy!! It worked so well!!! Still painted the cabinets and doors with a brush by hand but baby steps, people. And I had power in my hands, baby! Raw harnessed power sanding to perfection. And it felt good and was fun. Ok, so I am easily amused but that was sheer pleasure using that thing. I see why guys like their power tools so much! Like a kid in a candy shop. Anyway, I digress. Get ya a power tool and enjoy on your next job. 🙂 ❤  And thank you, hubby, for the new experience and fun and thank you, God, because all good things come from you and I give you the glory! Yay! 😄

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