Normal but Secretly & Weirdly Ambitious

My life appears on the surface as a normal, almost mundane life. And it is on the surface. I am just anotger housewife who homeschools our kids. I cook and clean (loosely), I do yard work, I work at home and love taking care of my family. So all that looks like I am a rather old fashioned woman who loves God and her family. However, what is busting out of me and secretly ambitious in me is an artist, singer/songwriter (have written many songs and published some), pianist, writer (have written and published 4 books- available on Amazon), am strong as an ox and love hard work, do public speaking, am an experienced doctor (who had my own practice for four years started from scratch), am intelligent, am more comfortable on stage than off, love skydiving, and can take care of myself and my family. There is tons of ambition in me awaiting opportunities to be used. I literally van do anything I put my mind to because I am atrong in faith and God told me I could in Philippians 4:13. I believe that. Firmly. Hands down. So don’t underestimate anyone ever. You do not know who they are by looking on the surface and people are rarely what they seem. God uses everyone and we who love God should help people fit their giftedness into the community for God. We are made to serve and worship with obedience. Don’t discount anyone. A beautiful old lady I was helping watch for a few weeks after her stroke from church taught me to draw, she had been a professional artist who had been widowed early in life and supported herself and her son by her art. No one, even me, expected this frail woman to teach me art skills artist nd on spire me to pursue my artistic gift. From that day on, every person had incredibly more value to me. You can learn something from anyone. Everyone has a gift. Everyone should use their gift for God and appreciate the diversity of other peoples’ gifts. We all have a role to play in God’s kingdom and in our communities and lives. We all have secret abilities. Search it out and you will be blessed.

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