A Good Game of Baseball

My son’s team is undefeated. They have one more game next week and then tournament (I think we will be playing a lot that week). They honor our team this Saturday with our guys walking the bases and getting in free at Tiger Town stadium. And tonight, my friends, was the best game I have seen in a while. It is the stuff of movies, the stuff of legenda. My son is not a pitcher but pitched tonight the first inning. His teammate pitched the next 2, and he had never pitched before. And the other team’s pitcher was exceptionally good and fast tonight, ate his Wheaties or what not. And we ended up down by 7!! Then, it was like our team woke up. They hit 4 runs in one inning, bringing it to 9-7. And the pitcher had all the pitches he could in one night and they got a new pitcher. Our guy was walked and stole all the bases to get us 9-8. Then we got a base hit and the next guy hitting a triple, to make 9-9. With two outs and one guy on third, my son is up to bat. He is not consistent, either strikes out or hits well. The pressure was on. Count was 2-2. 2 outs. Strike out and we go into overtime or hit it and we win. Pressure is on. Way too much pressure for an 11 year old, even a very big for his age one. And what did he do? He hit the ball into center between the fielder’s and we got our winning run in!!!! Talk about excitement!!! Talk about amazing!! It was good to be my boy tonight and great to be his team. To come back and win was incredible! So there you are. No moral, no plan, no lesson. Just sheer fun. The glory of the game. Teamwork winning. Pleasure of being a part of something greater than yourself. Wonder of using your body it’s potential and coming back from deep loss to victory. It is a lot like life. I love baseball!! So American!! So fun!! 🙂


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