God’s Various Blessings

Sometimes God drops down diamonds (I wrote a song about that) for us, little blessing surprises. And sometimes we have to work a bit for them. For instance, I was blessed with three audiologic consults on Thursday. And other times they are a splash of reward for doing some pretty hard work after getting out of a sin or problem you got yourself into. For instance, a long time ago (seems like a lifetime ago now), I was engaged to someone I thought was perfect for me and put all my eggs in one basket before I knew his commitment level (what someone says and does is sometimes two different things) and ended up burned when he cheated and went off with her. It is so long ago now, I can say it without any eggs motion whatsoever, didn’t even think of it until I needed the example. But I digress. The thing is I got myself into that mess and God still got me through it and removed the bum from my life. Then I was free to meet my husband and marry and have two beautiful kids. God can give, as He did for me long ago and far away, a separation blessing, the freedom blessing. He sees better than we do and knows what we need and what He wants from us. And He blesses accordingly. And He sometimes blesses before we ask Him to to get us to a place of realization that He blessed us at all. So do not forget that God blesses His children in many ways all the time and we must live life with eyes open to search these blessings out. This creates a habit of contentment and thankfulness rather than the empty pit of wanting more. Blessings shape and reward us and our Heavenly Father loves to bless us in so many ways, small and huge. He is so very good! Oh how I love Him!! ๐Ÿ™‚


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