A Warm Hug Sunset

So, as I went to pick up pizza for our family tonight, God blessed me with this amazing view. It was more vibrant with a deep warm red before I got to a red light to snap this pic as it was fading. And it took my breath away. It felt like a warm hug from God and I could not help but be in love with His beauty and care. It felt personal, like a gift to me (I do not care the reality of this lol). I could not help but thank God and praise His beauty. I just felt so much appreciation. Thankful that tomorrow we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, thankful that we have reason to celebrate and appreciation for hope of salvation. I was thankful for the beauty and being in the right place at the right time. I was thankful for having pizza with my family and yhat everyone is happy and healthy. I am thankful that God brought me through every heartache and loss and crisis to glorious new life in Him with my family that I love so much. I am thankful I have a working vehicle to run errands in. I am thankful for peace and joy and love and protection in our great country because of God giving it to us. God’s attributes and blessings to us are constant and perfect. So, I wanted to share that. God is working, I could feel Him, and He loves us and is in charge. He will hold us in His hands. “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” and you’re welcome for getting that great song into your head. Lol Love you! Praise God!!!


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