Blessings of Obedience

When we obey God by worshipping Him and serving others, He rewards us with blessings. I recently have been concentrating purposefully on helping anyone I see in need. Now, God doesn’t overwhelm me a lot but he puts in my path an occasional woman with a crushed spirit or a girl in need of advice that somehow ends up next to me and asks my input. And I have been helping fix our house up, whatever I can do and working more on keeping the house clean, been on tech less and had fewer distractions, and have been spending more active time with our kids, etc. Whatever it is, I am obeying and doing more of it. And today I was expecting to do two audiologic consults and God blessed me with four! So we were able to go out to dinner at our favorite restaurant and enjoy some family time. It was great! The blessings of God are not always so obvious or financial but He always does bless obedience and how I love Him for it!! 🙂


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