Living Love/Energy

When you have no energy, it is very difficult to show love. Love is service, attention, time, action, sometimes financial. Smiling and sitting with someone takes little energy and praying takes mental and spiritual energy, so that is a huge invisible way to show love. But other than these few huge exceptions, most other ways of showing love require energy. Always, love requires intention and purpose. So my point in these words is that we have to love ourselves and allow God to love us and heal us enough to increase our own energy before we can heap love on other people. And this is our goal. For some people, they want a relationship to heal them. But if you have no energy to contribute to the mutual love, you become a drain, a selfish heal me, serve me, love me better person. And it is as toxic situation for both really. God heals. People cannot do what He does without Him doing it. God loves. People cannot truly love purely and morally without God’s involvement. So, we must be sound peraonally and whole and have energy enough to show love to others before entering a mutual love relationship. Otherwise it does not last. So breath in deep of God’s love and grow strong in His love and care first. Then you have the means to do the work of love and thus worship to God that we are called to do. And I can and treat to this. I had no energy left so stopped most things I was doing and spent much time in prayer and the Bible and with family and supportive friends only. And the last two days brought renewed energy and a strong desire to give back love to those loving me and others who need love. And exercising has given me increased energy also and serves to provide additional health and support so that I may serve love. It is and beautiful system when it works as designed!

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