The Provision of God

When we humbly pray, God provides. It may not look like what we expect but it is always the very best result, best means to growth and blessing. I ask Him for help with little things, like finding something or an illness or working out a song. I ask Him for big things, like comfort for deep mourning at the loss of loved ones or salvation for unsaved family or friends, healing or comfort for a good friend racked with pain due to cancer. And everything we encounter, humble prayer to our loving and all powerful God is always the answer. We are little but He is capable of handling anything we ask Him for help with. In fact, if everyone on the planet prayed for every single thing they have in their lives, He could answer in detail every single request. That is His bigness, we cannot comprehend it but we trust it and trust Him. So whatever you have is doable by Him. He provides. That is huge. He is capable of providing and knows what we are really asking Him, what we really need and answers that. He hears the prayer of our heart, the internal longings, our needs, our wants even. And He mixes this intimate knowledge with deep love for us! So God provides and loves and wow! Let that sink in. If you get that through to your mind and soul, it will change your life for the better. Amazing God!!!

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