God is Super Powerful

I love what I heard today on Bible teaching radio. He said that it is not like tv portrays it, that we have equal and opposite forces of good and evil. Satan is not omnipotent or omniscient, can’t read minds (but can read body language and behavior). So there is no direct comparison between our enemy (a created being) and our amazing Creator (omniscient and omnipotent). And Satan is a defeated foe. But he is more tenacious now because Jesus is Coming back soon and his time is very short until he is punished forever. God has won, friends! God had won before the war started! No one can defeat Him and thanks be to God He is loving and gentle and peaceful and totally digs free will. He gives us a choice. We can worship Him, the all beautiful almighty One who made everything we know of or we can choose to worship the defeated evil one whose biggest draw is temporary lusts of the flesh and temporary fixes. God of permanent peace or God of temporary pleasure with an eternal hell chaser. We have the choice. I choose God! You should too. 🙂

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