Huge Changes

1. The sun has set on our days in the church’s worship band. 2. My niece is getting married soon. 3. My son’s dad finally took to heart that he needs to spend quality time without his psycho wife and her drama. 4. My son’s team will be in the field at Tiger Stadium Saturday, April 8th. 5. I go whole days now without crying about the loved ones I miss. 6. We are going to start work on installing a pantry where a closet was.

 So, all these changes going on, which are many, I feel more alive and so blessed and happy. I am not the type of person who can maintain morale while living the exact same routine over and over and over… I was feeling like a robot, and with these changes, I feel alive and new again. Everyone is so different and I yearn for change and surprise. And I really look forward to having some extra time to work on original music and learn the complex keyboard my husband gave me. It is quite intense and I need to figure it out and master it. Change is so good. I embrace it and am excited about life, looking forward also to home improvements and an actual pantry. So life moves on on this journey and I am a happy soul. God knows what we need and I love Him so much.

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