The Joy of Worship

Worship is not an experience at church, it is a daily, no hourly acknowledgement that God is great and we are small, that He is worthy of honor and respect and we are less worthy. This humbleness of spirit is very difficult for so many people. It is simple, a bowing of the knee of the created in the constant presence of the Creator. It is very difficult for so many because our culture and backwards media glorifies the ego, elevates self, does not acknowledge the Creator, boosts our pride. Our pride does not help us because it is most people’s greatest struggle/weakness. It takes great strength to dismiss our own greatness and power as subservient to a God who is infinitely greater. It takes great faith to yield control and power to God and acknowledge He is and knows best. Once that difficult task has been mastered, that bending or even yielding of will, worship is left. “May God’s will be done. Everything is His and for Him, including me.”This is the attitude, the goal and focus of worship. It is continuous and permanent. It is a lifestyle. Everything else branches off it. It is the core and strengthens everything else. Worship, this humbling us and acknowledging God, is extremely powerful! And it has benefits: peace, joy, richness of life, proper perspective, fruits of the Spirit coming easily, beauty of soul. It is worth every effort you make !


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