Walking Through Illness

So all of us except my youngest have been through the two week cold that is going around. I reject illness so have only been slightly inconvenienced and just had congestion in the morning. And I treat any symptoms that pop in. Now, illness is not something we alsays have to face, thankfully. Some people have long term illnesses but generally people have a start and a stop to the crux of illnesses. And so we have this set period of time where there is weakness and pain and illness and nd yucky feeling and discomfort and then that period of time ends and you return to life. An illness is a setback not a destination for most people. And this is what is true for most battles and trials and difficulties and rounds of “bad luck”. We have hard times for a while and then we learn or reject the lesson and it gets better or comes back later. And there is always something more to learn (and we tend to be stubborn and prideful) so we will again meet another test/hard time/battle/difficulty. It might even be an illness. So we walk on in our journey through life on our way to heaven (Lord willing). And as we walk, we walk through bad times, murky mud, painful hot coals or what not then we walk out to good times/normal/beautiful times. But all through our journey we walk through these things. The scenery changes, for good or bad, but we do not stop moving. The thing about God is that when we are His children, He walks with us and helps us through the yucky stuff faster and as we walk, no matter what we go through, we have an undelying peace and joy that cannot otherwise be explained. Now this peace and joy may be masked by the fog on the road, all the distractions, but as soon as we focus on God again and not our own struggles, we are renewed in spirit and refreshed. So remember that we might have illnesses or hard times but if we focus on God in humble prayer, we get through and move on. Be encouraged and focus on God not the problem and definitely no the fog. God be praised! 


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