Walking the Straight & Narrow

More and more as evil is rearing it’s ugly huge head around us everywhere, I am focusing on walking the straight and narrow path with blinders on. Not blind to the souls around us, not blind to the path, not blind to the needs around us, no. Some people do that and nothing for God gets done by them other than taking care of themselves. No, I mean having the eyes of Jesus and knowing the evil is around us everywhere but focusing ahead on the goal and filling the needs we can as we go but keeping steps toward the goal. If you focus on the evil, it is easy to be distracted from the goal. The goal is important. It is not Heaven. That is just a fact, a normal progression and result of the goal. The goal is a constant, pure, personal relationship with God. If we focus on that and keep our conversation with Him (prayer) going, we can do this with His help, focus on God’s importance rather than our own (worship and contrition), and stay right on the path. Praise God for His help!


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