The Book of Enoch

We just read/heard the Book of Enoch on YouTube tonight. I was raised that it was not necessary for salvation so not necessary and therefore unimportant or consequential. And I assure you I did not find that to be true. It was a dialogue between Enoch and God and that information relayed before God took him up. I found it incredibly interesting and also telling and I so want to be good now, more than ever I see it’s eternal importance. It emphasizes that worship of God and only God is imperitive and expected for we will be judged according to that. Also, we will definitely be rewarded for what we choose to do and our attitude and spirit as we do, for good or for bad. And this reward, good or bad, is forever. It explains so many of the pieces of the puzzle that were just unknown so I recommend it to everyone. If you are sensitive to God’s leading and importance to your life, you will be encouraged and enlightened by this book. It is detailed and given to mankind before the flood, which is why early man knew all they did. I think it is a great compliment to the Bible and am thankful to my husband for pointing it out and watching it with me. God is amazing and wonderful and in complete control and taking bites of everything. Do not be deceived or distracted on that count. Clean your house, meaning get your mind and heart right before Him. He is coming soon. Even if it gets ugly for and while, the reward for our faith and worship and sacrifices/gifts will be rewarded forever! Be strong and courageous. Be full of faith and pure of heart. God will help always when humbly asked. Every single time. ❤ 

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