Tangible Moments

There are moments you race through, moments you endure, moments you look forward to, moments you enjoyed. Then there are my new term “tangible moments”. These are moments that are not only locked into your experience but also locked in firmly in your heart. These moments you remember, relive, know, embrace, always have at the ready, you feel to your core like it just happened, smell the smells, see every detail vividly. I have a handful of these that help through tough spots. It is beautiful to relive a great moment. Do not neglect these tangible memories for they can help remember something invaluable to your makeup. How you view life is largely dependent upon these moments and your perception of something precious and sacred to you. And if you have none that come to mind, create one now. Any effort you put into it is worth that effort and more. And if some of these memories are ugly or vile or cause pain, seriously talk to God about them and ask Him to cover them with His touch and grace and relieve you of them. Then create a good lasting moment, like one in which you just spent time humbly with God who burned your horrible experiences and replaced them with peace. Win win. God is hood and He helps us remember good tangible memories to help us. Embrace them. But at the same time don’t always live there because there is much more life to be had and much more to do.  


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