Leadership Morality

Some of my worst days happened during a time of my life where I thought life should go my way. I knew where I was going and how to get there and many people naturally followed my leadership. I thought for a moment that made me more important or smarter or whatever and pushed harder. It seriously may have only meant that I was the loudest person in the room. Obviously, as seen by the riotous protestor, people in a mob are atupid and will follow any idiot with a megaphone and a one money and a no plan, even if they don’t know it or truly agree with it, but I digress. Really, when God gives a person the natural gift of leadership, the only thing it makes you is more responsible. When you presume to lead, you are responsible for those who follow. This happens naturally in homes with children, happens on purpose at work, happens naturally in teamwork or service situations. Wherever there is a leader, that person has extra weight on his or her shoulders. As such, it soon comes to light what level of morality this person has by what the followers do. The followers of a moral person, a fruity person (full of the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, faithfulness, self-control, etc), you will have followers that copy this and are happy, content, proud of their work, identify with their group, fruity, doing the right things, not.lazy, etc. When there is a morally corrupt leader, the followers breed corruption, there is hatred, jealousy, dread in going, laziness, sloppiness, disinterest, etc. and they may not even know why. Morals dictate actions and underlying reasons behind actions, words and underlying reasons behind words. Morals dictate how the followers will follow, Google for good and bad for bad. Of course their are exceptions to both with some level of difficulty but as a rule this holds true. And the followers are responsible for their own choices/actions/words but the  leaders are more responsible, Asa they arectionsre responsible for their own and their followers. Be careful when you take the role on and that you stay close to God and His Truth and live good moral lives, on and off duty. This pleases God and He will give you success long term.

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