The Silent Majority

The Silent majority has been silenced for a long time and made to feel guilty for not going along with all the evil deviations heaped upon us by those in power loving power and greedy for money and lust in for everything this fleshly would offers. Now we have a new President who is for the silent majority and I see people breathing and feeling happy about talking out loud for the first time in years. It is beautiful and freeing. It is the last push for revival in the face of evil principalities using narcissistic wretches to do their dirty work. It is God’s final push to revival and calm before the storm of His coming. We need to pray for safety for our President and revival for everyone to draw close to God and call on Jesus’ name to be saved. We have this time of grace. It is going to be fought against by those whose time is short but we are on the winning side. God won! Be diligent and faithful and get your house in order. ❤

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