God is strong. Well, there is the understatement of the year. God’s strength and wisdom is beyond our ability to understand, it is so big, so alive, so much in motion. God is at work in our lives, families, countries, the world. And what can we do to draw close to our loving and all powerful God to promote good and truth and love and His will? What can we little people do to produce movement and help from our amazing and wonderful God? What can move mountains with faith and heal the sick and change hearts? Just one tiny word with the utmost strength that exists in the universe… Pray. That is it. We can pray. When we bow our humble heads to God, He hears us. Imagine. We have the ear of God! He hears us. Not only that but He answers in the best way for us all. Incredible. He can stop forces of evil and expose corruption as we are seeing in politics. He can protect and give wisdom to our great President. He can give peace to those who mourn. He can calm raging waters. He can protect us. He can provide joyinour lives. He can bring revival. He can open blind and sleeping eyes to the truth which frees us. All that He can and will do when we pray. Sounds simple, yet many many have trouble coming down from the pedestal of idols, be it themselves and their pride or whatever they are devoting themselves to apart from God. The movement to let all that pride and control go and confess sin and run from it to a humble sta CE is truly difficult not for many many people. But it is well worth the struggle. God rewards such worship and attention and respect. He moves for you when you pray. He hears and answers and responds. It is a conversation with the utmost powerful Love of the universe, God longs for relationship with you. He made you on purpose for a purpose because He wanted you to be born and live and love life. He set up salvation through His Son Jesus Christ. All is but a prayer away. And a deeper prayer includes a fast. Pray. Just do it. Worth every minute you pour into it. It is worth everything. Prayer is imperative. Pray. Just start and get into the habit. Start with thanks for every good thing, list them. Tell Him anything, everything. He can hear your mind and heart talking. You can talk to Him wherever you are. Just pray.


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