On Being Good

Heard a message today on being good and how often we think that is subjective or relative, based on bad that other people are doing. And that is quite often what people think because they get a little lazy or don’t really want to be good and need an out. But the message continued that the real way to get good is deep prayer. I would agree but also link that with Bible reading and study. Why? Because only God is good. We cannot be without His help and the closer we are to Him, the closer we are to being good and being forgiven of being bad. I am like a broken record with this, but when we humble our enormous pride and pray and ask God for help, He always helps. And He does so in a way that is best for us in the long run. Not answering how you wanted does not mean there is no answer. I tell my daughter that all the time. Not yet is not no. And as a mommy, I want what is best for my kids long term. I know they will and need to grow up and be equipped to serve their families, their country, themselves, God through it all. How much more does God our Heavenly Father want that for us for those same reasons. We are not plopped onto this soil to be waited on and pampered. We all have a job to do and God draws the good out of us as we draw ourselves up to Him from our knees in prayer. Be diligent, beautiful child of God. Be good by being as close to our good God as you can. He loves you so much!

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