So Appreciative

Everything up to now and God’s grace have made me exactly who I am at this moment. I would be so bored and boring if nothing ever happened to me. I would not be able to relate to anyone or feel them and help if nothing ever happened. Bad things happened. Good things happened too. But the way I understand is that bad things that teach and grow and wiser you are really good things in deep disguise. Unless you don’t forgive or humble yourself to pray and learn the lesson and get the help out. Then it is a really bad thing that can keep you down. But let us assume you humble yourself and pray to God and forgive yourself or whoever else needs to be forgiven by you. Then really everything becomes good and we can appreciate it all and live with the joy and love and peace God gives us. And I have the greatest appreciation for every good and bad thing that has ever happened to me because now I am better, wiser, more beautiful inside, stronger, more empathetic, more forgiving and more understanding than I have ever been before. And I have walked through so many things during this wild ride of a journey that I can help so many people. We are not alone. We are not without meaning and that can come from any part of your life. You are really amazing and unique because of your journey too. God is the anchor, our home base and safety zone. His Word is truth and revitalizes us. His generosity to us is limitless. Hang on to Him. He’s got you, beautiful.


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