Look, I’m a Doctor

I have a doctorate. I worked hard and long to get it. I do not use my title to promote myself or pump my ego up. I never insist to be called Dr. LaLonde, though I have a right to be called so. The thing is, when I feel the need to speak out on a topic I understand inside and out, I will say it with the full breadth of my authority and education to make that point that may help other people. “Look, I’m a doctor”, I say. I know health, I understand it. I have studied math and sciences to the nth degree, having degrees on degrees and yet am the humblest person I know. Why? Because God gives knowledge, wisdom and understanding, and He can choose to n give all that to someone else if I get too high and mighty on my cloud thinking I am smart. I am blessed and know the difference. I guess in that way, by the grace of God, I know to be humble which makes me smart. No, all that being said, I excelled in debate in school, always won the argument and here is why. You have to know both sides. You cannot determine what is right and healthy without exploring what is wrong based on symptoms and history. You cannot. There is an ignorance in believing what someone told you without requiring the evidence or exausting the other possibilities based upon reputable sources. So when you hear something, even if told you by someone you know or like or are related to, understand that before it becomes a belief, it needs to be checked against the facts and proven. This is against ways true. Do not be a lazy believer. Question, ask, seek, read, pray and truth will present itself to you. Look around, we have plenty of willful ignorance and laziness around us and lots of devisive propogandists attacking America and our American-elected President, lots of people accepting other people’s misinformation as fact and buying what they are selling with smoke and mirrors. Do not be one of those people. Dig, read, pray, think for yourself, decide for yourself. God gave you an invaluable and very intelligent mind. Use it. Research both sides and make an informed decision and stand for it. America needs her people to support her and her freedoms to think. You got this.

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