Healing Laughter

God knew how my life was going to be so He gave me the gift of laughter. Laughter heals. It is a fact. When I have been in horrible situations, I was given the gift from God to find something funny in it. I have been able to laugh at myself and my many accidental catastrophies as well as the situation and use my extremely vivid imagination to imagine other funny things happening in the ugly and serious situation. I love to laugh because it has been a saving grace from God all my life and I needed grace from God for much of it. There are wonderful old shows like I Love Lucy or Dick Van Duke or movies like Princess Bride to start you out if you need help but I have found the best tool is my mind. But whatever it takes, climb on this laughter band wagon. Do not allow anyone to steal your joy. Just refuse them permission to throw off your groove, your happy place. And if anyone wants you to be serious, just say “No. Because you wish it.” And laugh. Laugh until you cry. Laugh until you feel like laughing.Then go from there. 🙂


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