The Preciousness of Children

Children are precious treasures from God. They are this at every stage of their life from the initial union of this from him and that from her. This starts life, the celebration product of this great union. Life. It begins so vulnerably, so beautifully, with feedings and cuddles and caretaking and snuggly sleeps. Children are innocent, precious, very important for they are the heirs, the next of kin, a new generation, hope. Children are to be protected by adults. Anything less than that is to be violently opposed. Anyone approaches my kids to harm them, they will have to get past me and my husband and every weapon we own, no small task. Anyone who harms or kills a child should receive the same fate. But back to the child. Allow your child to be a child, the beautiful creation of God in His image before you. Allow them to laugh and cry and fall and encourage them the entire time. Be that love source for them. Let them always know you are for them. This is how we give them a solid foundation and demonstrate the importance of who God made them to be. Then we have given them are base, roots for which they can pull from and rely on through tough times this messed up world will throw at them. Discipline them and give them chores so they know their expectations are nd learn to care for themselves but do everything in love and with prayer. Children are the future but they will not be unless they arendnd really taught now. So that becomes a high priority. Tech is no substitute for parents or caring adults who help these children. They need proactive care. Kids rarely raise themselves well. Be a parent like you either had or wish you had growing up and make that a goal. It is the most important work you will ever do. God will always help, grant wisdom and strengthen when humbly asked. Always. 


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