Baseball- Season 2

My son has his first game today, season 2 of baseball. He has known from last year what it looks like to be on a losing team. This season he made it into a very good team. Both have good lessons to teach and learn. Losing teaches more. Winning pushes winning and builds self-concept but can build ego also as a potential stumbling block. Losing hopefully teaches to work harder to win, to place disappointment on the shelf to try again, to do what you are apposed to do to the best of your ability despite what teammates are doing around you. We are responsible for our behavior, no matter what everyone else around us is doing. That leason, if learned, prepares you for life in a very real way. Isn’t that how this world is? I digress, my son will play to his best ability and I am proud of that. We will cheer him on and encourage him and he will remember the words I scream “You got this!” And he will know we are there to support and uplift him. And when Kathleen is old enough for a sport, she will learn these lessons too and I will be a proud momma. In the meanwhile while these lessons are brewing, let’s remember the best childhood lesson, to have fun and enjoy life and breathe deeply in from the great outdoors!! Play ball!! πŸ™‚

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