Anti Laziness Frame of Mind

Lazy has never been an option for me. Trust me, I may have wanted to be lazy sometimes, but also trust that I was never allowed to follow down that road. And truly, internal drive and unprecidented energy levels always have prevented it. I got pretty close in my recent deep grieving recently but am snapping out of it now and getting back to work. The thing is, lazy is hideous and unacceptable to me. Lazy in movement, lazy in self discipline, lazy in thinking, lazy in worship, all of it is detestable. Why do I feel so strongly about it? Because of my late Daddy who instilled within me from an early age that laziness is a disrespectful waste of what God has given us to do and is aw definitive lack of stewardship (a word rarely spoken now but should be taught everywhere) of the gifts from God. Whatever we do, we are doing for God not people, not even our often selfish selves. And we are awreccountable for what we do with what we are given. So fight it. Laziness is a bad habit and fighting it requires some energy put into starting a good habit to replace it. Start small, cleaning your room (are you listening, kids?). Clean out the car. Bake some cookies are nd take them to a friend, like me. Write a note of encouragement and mail or text it. Read your Bible. Pray. Call someone. Take a friend out for coffee, like me. Take a walk. Do something. So worth it!!! 

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