Keeping in Touch

The story is common. We have experiences with many people all over the place. Sometimes it is a familiar face with words never spoken. Sometimes it is in depth conversations deep into the night for months or years. Sometimes it is a teach who keeps in touch because they cared about you more than your grades. Whatever the case, when circumstances change, it is very easy to get very busy where you are and lose touch. But do your very best to stay in touch with the valuables, those exquisite and beautiful supportive people who love you. I have lost too many in my many moves and I regret that. But sometimes we renew and revisit later when both are able again. For instance, tomorrow my kindergarten teacher is coming for a visit, happens to be in town far from her home. We have kept in touch and she is the most amazing woman of God! Never discount the power of God in providing you love and support when you need it and ask Him. Just today, I asked Him for a hug and tomorrow I will have my hug! God is amazing at providing. Never underestimate the power of God to put supportive and meaningful people into your life as well as those who need your help. Never take these beautiful people for granted. 🙂

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