The Day of My Birth

So, I was born today 43 years ago. That makes me pretty old, definitely pretty old to have an 11 and 6 year old. However, having lived and traveled, loved and lost, hurried and relaxed, worked and rested a lot during those years, 43 years both took forever and flew by, depending on the moment. The fabulous moments seem to have gone by the fastest. That I should have put my genius into preventing somehow were I to be able to do a reset. But as Megamind said “The science is impossible”. I am stubborn though, but in a good way. I stick to my guns for what is right and my God and country and family. I love full in, more than most can I think because of my fearlessness. I also can break like thin chocolate when thrown away by someone I invested ao much love in. I am resilient and bounce back stronger and wiser and am deeply in love now with my man. And maybe I have slept alone for eight years now, it has strengthened my reliance on God. And I can honestly say that God is the only reason I am who I am, the One constant now that my Daddy ran up to heaven in my arms, the purpose of me, promise of forever, hope for the world He made and its people. And if I only have God, I have everything I need. And if I have my husband and kids, I am blessed even more. And if I have music, wow, I am just spoiled rotten. Life is a serious of body slams and ballet throws, but who comes out and in what condition is all from God, baby. He made this little girl strong as an ox, no one stronger on the planet, but never ever because of me or something I did. God allowed me the gift of being humble and a Grandmother, also in heaven, who taught me faith and prayer to our loving God/Daddy. He took pain in me, a whole mess of it, and gently molded it into wisdom and power and understanding. He did it all and I repeatedly fell broken into His arms. And here I am. Still alive miraculously. Still here to serve my God, my family, my band family and my church. God is so good and I am living proof of that. So be blessed on this fun day we celebrate my popping out, my twin brother’s trip to heaven as he didn’t make it here and another beautiful blessing of a day from the God who loves us so much! Love you!! ❤


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