Changes and New Life

Changes happen. They happen a lot. Sometimes for a little bit these changes are inconvenient or horrifying or some are small. But after prayer, growth and time, these changes are always for the best to grow and change and improve us into a newer, improved life. We are taken by surprise by some of these changes because we have a habit of going about life as if nothing would change. We walk around like we’re incapable of meeting with sudden changes, for good or bad. We take for granted our strength and blow off our fragility. We have both. We are very vulnerable. But we need not live in fear of change, we must set out souls up for the possibility of it and start looking immediately for the good benefit it can produce down the line. That is optimistic flexibility and is essential for a happy life that doesn’t fall apart at every change encountered. And the biggest source of help for this way of thinking is of course God because of both His great love for us and His knowledge and power. When living in prayer, He helps us live unwavering lives despite any changes we encounter. Change is good. It may or may not look good at the time, but I assure you our new life after the change has worn off, if prayerful and optimistically flexible, will be improved and richer.


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