Single on Valentine’s Day

I have a few friends who are single today. They look longingly at the idea of the day, being swept off their feet and whisked off to Paris on a private jet to dine under candlelight in view of the Eiffel Tower and tasting chocolates while walking hand in hand into the sunset on the bridge. Hmm? Well, those of us long married have (with very few exceptions) never experienced this. Truth be told, men are only interested in romancing you until you are married to them and then only do so when pressed. Heavily. Even the romantic ones (of which I have met one who was not heavily pressed), a card, candy, flowers and dinner is the absolute most. So I say all this because it is beautiful to be married and/or engaged or dating steadily but it is beautiful to enjoy your singleness also. Enjoy wherever you are, despite what day it is because God knows you better than anyone and loves you and finds you truly precious. You are valuable, no matter if you have found someone who recognizes and appreciates that yet or not. It will happen if it is supposed to and take your time, enjoying the ride meanwhile because rushing to it may risk you right into a narcissist. God knows what you need. Let go and trust Him and enjoy the journey. You got this! Love you. 🙂

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