Valentine’s Day with a Non Romantic

My husband is a manly man, so much so that not only does his “feminine side” not exist but he never even wanted to drive by a movie theater playing a romantic movie. I, on the other hand, and most people do not know this, but I am a hopeless romantic. Of course I keep that side hidden, really only allowing one person closest to me to see that side of me at all, but it is a confession. I love romance, want the candlelight, want the flowers (albeit not cut ones, I want to plant and nurture them), I want walks into the sunset, sex on the beach (a really great drink lol), drinking each other I , the whole nine yards. Never happens with a practical man as my husband. He loves me his way and very very well, I must say, with a roof over our heads, dinner on the table or going out, playing beautiful music together during gigs (which we had Saturday and have again tomorrow), helping get that fence in, paying off the mortgage, taking me to our favorite restaurant in St. Augustine for my birthday in 2 days, etc. Everyone has a different way of expressing love and I am loved beyond any shadow of doubt. So, enjoy your roses and chocolates (which I will buy myself and our kids tomorrow lol), and stuffed I love You teddy bears and rose petals on your beds and bubbles in your baths. I will play beautiful music with my manly man and make people laugh and have fun and maybe even shock them with my improved vocals lol and before the gig I will enjoy my chocolates I buy myself in the beautiful house he provided for our beautiful family. I love you always and forever. We have been through rough times but made it and are stronger than ever! I will now and forever dearly Love you, baby! 📡🎹😍👄🌞🌻🍷❤❤❤

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