Discerning Valuable Friends vs Damaging Ones

Whoever you surround yourself with is who you will emminate, like it or not. If you are around a complainer, you will complain more. If you are around an encouraget, you will encourage more. If you are walking on eggshells around someone long enough, your feet will get cut up eventually and need to leave. In this world that is so negative about followers of Jesus, it is impertinent that we hang out primarily or majorly with people who share our values and morals. We need supportive friends that share truth with us as well and supportives encouragement. We can discern which of these people are truly good for the soul by several standards: 1. Do their actions match their words? 2. Are their words matching what you know to be true? 3. Are they negative or positive? 4. Do they run people down all the time or encourage them? 5. Do they do all the talking about themselves without asking about your life? 6. Are their life decisions reflecting their words or in contrast? These questions may be used to weed out the beneficial, valuable friends (those you would like to spend the most time with you) or those who would damage you (so use boundaries with them). We must protect our integrity and life and family and managing friendships is a key ingredient in that. Friends can alter our perception with or without our permission and we must protect that which is good in our lives. Just my thoughts. 


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