Baseball Lessons

Baseball for my son has been a great experience and has taught him many things. First of all, this is his second season playing and he has played as one of the best of his team who were pretty bad and one of the mediocre players on this season’s great team. And both have taught him teamwork. One person can be amazing but won’t win games unless other people on the team help. No one can win alone. That is so true of life. We need help sometimes, mostly from God but also from other people too. Secondly, he learned that winning is fun and losing sucks but the attitude is really most important. He tries harder next time or he celebrates. Life is not about perfection but doing our best. Give it all ya got, you feel better no matter what. Also true in life. Others may pout if not going well and give up but not me. God helps me and I will do my best and try. Thirdly, being on a team sometimes means that other people on the team can be mean. How real life is that?! You just do you and be your best and feel sorry for those people. They must be miserable. That is just a start. Also, fresh air and exercise is healthy and good for the aoul and have fun! Play ball! 🙂

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