Not Allowed to Help

There are moments in some of my friend’s lives where I could help them and was not allowed to. There were times that help would have prevented a huge crisis down the road. Big stuff that it was painful to watch them go through, but pride had prevented their wanting or approving of my help. This has been torture at times. There are also times a good friend tried to help but I didn’t allow it because of pride or enjoying the path I was on and didn’t want to stop and fell flat on my face or had a painful experience as a result. And I think we do this with God. He sees everything that will happen and sometimes we don’t listen to enjoy the moment and we end up suffering in the end and God, who loves us more than we can, is pained to watch it. We ourselves get us into the mess by our pride and short sightedness. And then we want God to bail us out and keep us from the consequences. Not reasonable but God often because of his grace and love still does help us out and hates to see us suffer. Ideally, we drop our pride and heed advice to save our friends and God and ourselves a headache down the road, and maybe we will all be happier. Maybe it is not the preventing of fun that God is after but the preventing of heartache because He loves us. Some good friends too. Just a thought. 🙂

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