Blessings of Work

My neighbor is one of those lovely ladies who fancies herself as a homemaker but does next to nothing around the house, has no disabilities, naps hours every day and complained to me when I was working for my family that I was making her look bad. That really bites my butt. I love to work for my family, whether it is yard work, house work, cooking, laundry, teaching my kids, or doing outside consults like today for some spending money for field trips. Work is a blessing. We are built to move and contribute, to serve and show our love to our family. This is a huge blessing from God who knows we are better people morally and in every way when we are vested. We prove our love through work, sometimes writing a note or stopping to get a gift or doing something for or with. These things are vital for the tightness of our family group. I make no apologies, work is are blessing I will continue as long as possibly can.

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