The Gift of Love Reborn

When you lose someone who loved you dearly and took care of you quite a while, you, or at least I did, tend to think you will never have someone love you like that. When someone you loved and who loved and took care of you is suddenly my gone from your life, you think no one will ever love you and take care of you again. At least that is what I thought. And with a lot of prayer and Bible reading and serving in worship and using the gifts God gave me, I began to feel what I thought was not possible, a deep love from God that filled every hole over time until I feel secure again in Him. I am God’s daughter, now that my Daddy is with Him in heaven. I am dearly loved and cared for by someone who knows me better than anyone else ever has or could. It is possible to feel loved unconditionally and I am and feel and appreciate every inch of it. And something beautiful is happening. My husband and I are growing deeper in love with each other and I am so very blessed by it. Every marriage has struggles and I spent so much time caretaking my Daddy and Mom for a while too that we had lost our spark. We both loved and appreciated each other but love had settled at a level workable but not magical. And the magic spark has returned now and I am in love with my husband and he is loving me and what a beautiful gift that is!! Mundane previously is exciting again, goals are being accomplished together, teamwork, mutual support and respect, trust, fulfillment, all flowing freely from a God ordained bond of love and music. We make beautiful music together. And this magnificent gift is completely and entirely a gift from God and result of Him restoring my soul with deep love and healing and peace and comfort. Nothing half as good could happen without God’s direct involvement and blessing when a broken heart is mournfully and humbly placed in His hands. God blesses and never ceases to amaze. Oh how I love Him!! Thank you, God! 


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