Falling to Knees

Few things can get me on my knees faster than my best friend needing prayer. That happened tonight. Full, very busy day of a lot of practice and cleaning, music heavy day, and on the way home and a text for prayer over a medical problem. The world stopped. Music that was playing I no longer heard. I was instantly transferred to a prayer closet in my mind and in a room with Jesus, begging Him to help. Having recently lost three loved ones until Heaven, I am sincere and earnest in my prayer for God to heal her. And prayer is one of those things that bring you great satisfaction tion and peace and even joy knowing full well you just asked Jesus to represent you to the Father and provide what you need and that God can do anything. No task is too big or detail too small for God, who loves us, to have a vested interest in it. It is remarkable. I cannot help but praise and worship as I pray because it warms my heart so much to be in God’s presence. You can talk to Him about any and everything and we are commanded to, actually. No amount of time can be spent better or more powerfully. Praise God for this! 🙂

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