Working Out Again

So, I decided this post-mourning body needed to get back in shape again (figure eight and not round), so I have been doing non-weight lifting calisthetics every or every other day. I have a great friend who is a personal trainer that said that would be the way to go for me and eat healthier and a little less bit mostly healthier. I also do a half hour swimming, walking or roller blading twice a week. And I have been for 2 weeks now and feel better as a whole, my clothes are comfortable again and not feeling snug. The scale has only come down a couple of pounds but I feel lighter already and tone. It amazes me how God designed us to respond so well to movement and working our bodies, even after months of neglect we can start back and improve so quickly. My mood has improved also and I am less tired and feeling more like myself. So there you have it. To fight a lot of mood related issues, exercise. Even free calisthetics in your home 30 minutes a day or every other day works wonders! We all can serve God, our families and others so much better when we are in our best health. We were made to move. And when I get to full energy restoration, lookout, world. 🙂

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