Some people burn them, some walk across them, some like to stand on them and look both directions, some may even get on and forget why they did. But bridges are always a transition. And when you journey down the road of life long enough, you will have to cross one sooner or later. Some people in turbulent water country have to cross often. Bridges then allow for a transition between land masses more safely, as a person is much less likely to drown on them or suffer the discomfort of wet socks and underwear. So when a transition bridge comes into your path, do not be afraid of it and know that no matter the uncertainty to get over to a new idea tity, new job, new friendship, new band member, changed relationship, retirement, new pet or release or any of the above, God always walks with us and provides what we need for the journey. Trust God and take your spouse hand in hand and cross that bridge and grow together. Love is a journey that does not stand still, it moves forward and crosses bridges. Do not burn them behind you ands you do not know when God will send you back for a forgotten umbrella or to grab a lost friend’s hand and lead them across. No burning bridges. Just cross confidently with your spouse and God and keep going to the no text leg of the journey together. 🙂


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