Enemy Attacks

When you are doing anything for the Lord, the enemy attacks. His first attack is personal and often involves the immediate family. Evil loves destroying families and ruining homes and us. Sometimes it is subtle jabs and criticisms that make people feel unappreciated. Sometimes evil induces family squabbles and majors on minor things to begin fights and stir up animosity and doubts and anger. Sometimes it is more blatant like hormonal imbalances and mood swings as well as temper flare ups and the like. Our families are always vulnerable to the enemies’ attacks because they mean the most to us and hurt us the deepest when disrupted. Sometimes the enemy drudges up wrongs or sins or criticisms of the past that had been forgiven and forgotten for a while and allows them to dig in and weaken us. Other times the enemy brings up something brand new like a false accusation or outsider or even friend all of a sudden saying something hurtful or abandoning you or whatever. You get the idea. Probably experienced one or all of those as some point which had one redeeming value. It reinforces the fact that you aster a threat to the enemy. He sees potential for God in you, sees God’s reflection in you, sees potential in your family and feels threatened. Good news: all bullies (even spiritual ones) are cowards. God is bigger and has already won and nd when you remind these vile creatures of that, they have to go. Of course cowards come back when they feel safer but if you keep standing on God’s truth against them, they have to go again. So take these cowardly attacks as compliments that you are on the right track with God. The enemy won’t try so hard with whom he has already. (Cowards are pretty lazy too.) And keep in Truth and prayer to fight the enemy. And know God always loves you/us and fights alongside. I am never alone and neither are you. Love you!

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